Monday, November 26, 2007

Deck The Hut with Boughs of Holly

We have finally got the window finished and we hope you like it!  Everything is either made from items from the shop or can be found in the shop.  We only bought brown paper for the parcels and the lights for the tree and wreath.  I need to thank Andrea for making the fabulous fireplace and Lucy who made the gorgeous shawl (just look at the back of it, you can't believe all the work that has gone into it!  It is made using Cherry Tree Hills Merino Laceweight yarn.  If you get the chance pop down and have a look at the window and let us know what you think.  There is a list in the window of what everything is made from.  In the competition for the best dressed window in Woburn Sands we were Highly Commended.


dabrah said...

Is that Christmas tree in the window made out of balls of wool? If so, how clever. Your window looks really nice. If I'm around your area I'll be sure to look in, I love to knit and crochet.

The Knitting Hut said...

Yes, the tree is made of mini balls of wool, we had great fun finding loads of different greens and then I threaded them onto wire and put the rings round a cardboard cone shape. The garland is made from some Lurex yarn with buttons threaded on. I am going to take a better pic of the tree and put it on the website, it has attracted so many comments. I am really glad you like it! Sue