Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Easter Lovelies

Well, I finally worked out what to do with the gorgeous Angora and here they are.  Little bunny egg cosies (pattern to follow on the next newsletter).  I have also made a great Blue Sky Alpacas Chicken named Margery and once I've finished her pal Maud I'll take a pic of them both.

I managed to knit most of Maud in between bike rides on Sunday as Daisy and Poppy both got new bikes on Saturday so I trotted round the block behind them with Lola in her buggy twice.   They had been looking forward so much to going out that they didn't leave me alone until I agreed to take them and then spent the whole time arguing about who should be in front, even in the photo Poppy (with her stroppy face) kept edging forward.

I am up to the armholes on Daisy's birthday cardi knitted in 'Bombay' cotton by Katia as I'm on a deadline, 19th April and 3mm needles!!  The Tropical Storm socks are up to the heel (on the first sock) and the Whisper cardi from Interweave is lagging behind because I have 8" of the back to do, increasing 2 sts every other row.  Not good mentally, I think.

Will try and post some pics here but if you belong to Ravelry have a look, my Rav aka is KnittinghutSue.

Friday, March 06, 2009

So what am I going to make with this little lovely?  Wristwarmers I think or a little hat for Lola with an angora edging.

this gorgeous Angora yarn arrived from Katia last week and has been eyeing me up ever since saying 'Knit Me!'  What it doesn't realise is that I have already got a little cardi in Araucania Ranco and a pair of toe-up socks in Cherry Tree Hills Sockittome otn!

Oh well, what's one more project!

Happy Birthday to The Hut

We always have a good time at Click but last week we had a more interesting evening than usual. We celebrated three years of The Hut with Chocolate Brownies (with candles!) and had a great evening.

Halfway through the evening a Fire Engine stopped outside and one of the firemen popped in to see what we were up to.  When he asked whose birthday it was (we also had birthday banners) Carmell was quick to speak up and claim the day (and the fireman) as hers and as you can see, he had no complaints!  I can't always guarantee that an evening at The Hut will be as eventful as this!

Thanks to Chris who was in the right place at the right time - and hadn't forgotten to put a chip in his camera!