Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Easter Lovelies

Well, I finally worked out what to do with the gorgeous Angora and here they are.  Little bunny egg cosies (pattern to follow on the next newsletter).  I have also made a great Blue Sky Alpacas Chicken named Margery and once I've finished her pal Maud I'll take a pic of them both.

I managed to knit most of Maud in between bike rides on Sunday as Daisy and Poppy both got new bikes on Saturday so I trotted round the block behind them with Lola in her buggy twice.   They had been looking forward so much to going out that they didn't leave me alone until I agreed to take them and then spent the whole time arguing about who should be in front, even in the photo Poppy (with her stroppy face) kept edging forward.

I am up to the armholes on Daisy's birthday cardi knitted in 'Bombay' cotton by Katia as I'm on a deadline, 19th April and 3mm needles!!  The Tropical Storm socks are up to the heel (on the first sock) and the Whisper cardi from Interweave is lagging behind because I have 8" of the back to do, increasing 2 sts every other row.  Not good mentally, I think.

Will try and post some pics here but if you belong to Ravelry have a look, my Rav aka is KnittinghutSue.

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