Thursday, November 22, 2007

Knitting is my Prozac

I realised the other day that when I don't get a chance to pick up my needles for a few days I start to get a bit twitchy. Knitting calms me down and even if I only finish a few rows I can see I have achieved something, which is very useful on otherwise stressful days! I have therefore decided that knitting is my Prozac. Am I the only one?

We have had a very busy week, trying to get all our new stock online (nowhere near finished) and trying to do our Christmas Window (nearly finished) ready for the judging on Sunday. We got third prize last year and this year glimpsing in windows up and down the High Street I can see that competition is fierce. The theme this year is an Edwardian Christmas. Once our window is completed tomorrow I'll post a pic so you can all judge how creative we've been this year!

I am also itching to try the new Cherry Tree Hills Laceweight Merino which has a massive 2400m on a hank and if doubled up becomes 4 ply. Lorna is already knitting a shrug in it and it looks fab. However, I have set myself the task of knitting all the children socks for Christmas so I have nearly finished 3 socks (hate grafting) and only have 7 to go! I am determined NOT to start anything else until I have done them all.

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